Color picker

If you do any type of digital design, we want to make manipulating and exploring what is possible with color as easy and seamless as possible. So we're excited to release the first version of our new color picker.


Theme support

Quickly select any color defined in your theme.


Snappier performance with more responsive canvas updates.

CSS strings

When designing for the web, it can be useful to leverage inheritance and the cascade for increased theming ergonomics. Our updated color picker now supports inherit, currentColor, and initial. You can find these options in the System panel.

Any valid CSS color string (e.g. tomato, pink, goldenrod) can be used in the hex input

Color refresh

If you're looking to rapidly get inspiration or explore options, you now have an inline option to cycle through both random colors and colors from your theme.

All color picker components have been updated across the app. Take it for a spin in our new Theme builder.