Notes highlighting changes we have made and potential changes in the future. Not a comprehensive list of changes and bug fixes.

Component Designer

Create, edit, share, and publish components, pages, and generative art pieces.

Tables and .zip folders

We've added a visual editor to create tables in Markdown or HTML.

Gradient color stops

We've made some updates to our generator algorithm around how we calculate color stop values.

SVG grid

We've added new type of generative SVG component to quickly create grid based vector graphics.

Syntax highlighting code blocks

Syntax highlighting

Markdown + generative design

Cycle through a wide range of aesthetic styles applied to your markdown content. Publish or export as HTML, CSS, and Markdown.


Color scale update

Theme UI update

Colors editor

Color picker

Theme builder

Deriving the next step in color scales

Our color group editor in themes allows us to detect color scales as part of the grouping. When you add a color, the algorithm makes a best guess at the subsequent step in the scale.

Color scale, Voronoi, and Delaunay updates

Text shadow component

Publishing text

In addition to publishing and sharing gradients, you can now add your own custom text as well.

Gradients: Updated add layer design

Design improvements

Publish and share

Designs can now be published and shared

Box shadow component

Explore the powerful world of box-shadows with our new layer based editor.

Import colors from URL

We've integrated the CSS Stats API into our theme editor to quickly allow you to get up and running with your current brand colors.

Improved editing in grid view

Grid view only updates the property being adjusted instead of a full regeneration on each edit.


You can do some amazing things with CSS gradients. Explore the world of linear, radial, and conic gradients with our first layer-based component.


An API to convert JSX styled with the convenience of Theme UI into an image.