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Visually design generative components, pages, and sites


Theme builder

Design accessible color systems, responsive type scales, and more



Generative styles + markdown

Syntax highlighting

Customize the look of your code examples


A layer-based interface for composing complex CSS gradients

Color scales

Scale-based palette generator


Preview colors against common UI


A growing set of generative components for UI and graphic design.


Cycle through generated designs or create your own from scratch with the ease of parametric controls.


Manipulate parameters until the design is just right. Lock inputs for properties or combinations of properties you like to find your visual language.


Vote generated designs up or down to curate future output. Save as many iterations as you want.

Multi-format export

Export designs in a growing list of formats including: React, JS, JSON, JSX, SVG, PNG, HTML, CSS, CSS custom properties, and Sass.

One-click publish

Instantly share your designs with colleagues or clients to present or collaborate. Publish hosted web pages along with hosted assets for styles as JS, JSON, and CSS.

Constraint-based designs

Design with scales and systems. Components automatically use your defined brand guidelines, retaining the ability to override with custom values at any time.

Theme import

Start using your visual brand immediately. Audit and edit or use to drive constraints for generative components.

Automated accessibility docs

Rapid visual feedback loops for contrast scores and accessible combinations available in a theme.

Responsive themes

Don't just design for a single screen size. Easily target values across your defined breakpoints. Manage responsive typography, layout, and spacing.

1000+ fonts

Full support for the entire Google Font Library + any fonts you have installed locally.

Variable font support

The first design tool with full support for variable fonts. Automatically exposes all custom axis so you can get the fine-grained control variable fonts were meant to enable.

Curated design assets

Browse curated presets to customize or use in your designs.

Theme import

Create a theme from your existing website's visual brand. We'll parse your CSS for colors, typography, motion, and spacing values to use as the input for your generative design output.

Color Systems

Scales optimized for designing digital interfaces. Add typography, spacing, borders, and shadows to define your complete theme. Extend, modify, or use out of the box. Export as CSS, Custom properties, JS, JSON, or Sass to use in any type of web project.

LCH - Natural

156 colors

7,768 accessible combinations


Workflows powered by generative design

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Easy to customize, ready to use assets


An open source library of editors for each CSS property. Mix and match to create your own generative and parametric design tools.


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