Improved Editing in Grid View

During early prototypes of our grid view, if you adjusted a property, every item regenerated all values for all properties.

We quickly realized that it was virtually impossible to preview designs easily. After our own use of the grid view and initial feedback from users, it was clear to us that it wasn't working.

So, starting with the gradient and box-shadow components, we've begun to implement a smoother experience when editing components in grid view. Now when you edit a property, only the one you're working on will update across items.

We'll be updating existing components with this grid editing experience as well as adding it to any new components.


We think n-up displays can be powerful mechanisms for navigating generative space and fostering a deepened understanding of relationships between values. We want designers to be able to set the range in visual contrast both between generated designs in full canvas mode and across the grid in grid mode. Ideally, we hope that our users can eventually preview ranges of values for a single property or combination of properties (e.g., previewing a different purple background on each item). A designer should be free to quickly pivot between "show me more like this" and "show me something completely different."

Custom Grids

Item actions

Exports and collections

We currently only allow for saving and downloading individual items. In the future we may enable the option to export entire grids in various formats of output. In conjunction with pinning items to customize a grid, these could potentially be used for generating mood boards or design proposals.