Markdown + generative design

We love markdown and we love generative design. Naturally, we've decided to combine the two. Our latest release enables you to edit and publish markdown with a growing set of both generative and curated designs.

The alpha release is available for anyone with an account. Sign up is free. Get started here.


With full support for Google fonts, we have more than 1,000 typefaces to choose from. Generate options or customize typefaces for headings, body copy, and code blocks. More granular controls for responsive text styles are coming soon.

Accessible color combos

All of our generated color combinations are accessible by default, so you can spend more time curating and less time double-checking your color contrast manually. Explore potential designs seamlessly using colors selected directly from your theme.

Drag & drop media + file hosting

Upload images or video directly by dragging them onto the canvas or by linking to your own hosted versions.


Share your documents effortlessly with anyone on the web using our one-click publishing feature. Any updates you make to the content or design will automatically be pushed live. You can unpublish at any time.

Custom domains

Custom domains for both user and project level will be available soon.


We're iterating quickly and we'd love feedback on how you're using this and what features you'd like to see in the future.

Open an issue or request a feature on GitHub or DM us on Twitter @components_ai

Some upcoming features: