Text Shadows

We've made a massive update to our text-shadow generator. Similar to box-shadows and gradients, you can also stack multiple text-shadows on a single element. We've got a new layer-based text-shadow component. Now you can quickly create and visualize a myriad of creative typography styles.

Text shadow image generated by Components AI https://components.ai/text-shadow/?id=0UO7eSK2u26agBvNVSVR

Text shadow image generated by Components AI https://components.ai/text-shadow?id=IUge6tLFPvNrpxWw7Ons

As with our other updated components, you can now publish and share configurations with a single click. Code can be exported as CSS, JS, React, Theme UI, JSX, and JSON.


Currently you need to edit each layer individually. In the future we'll be rolling out additional presets as well as making it easier to manipulate sets of layers together e.g. applying a color gradient across layers, or adjusting opacity on a curve. As with other components we'll be expanding our export options as well.