Updated: Color scales, Delaunay, and Voronoi

We've updated our Color scale, Delaunay, and Voronoi generators to our new base component setup. This means each component now comes with:

  • One-click publishing and sharing
  • Constrain to theme
  • Improved grid view and editing
  • Expanded export formats. For Color scales: CSS, JS, JSON, JSX, and Theme UI. For SVG components, export as SVG or JSX.
  • Save, Voting, and editing history
  • Can be added to profile

We're knocking out the other SVG generators and then we'll be focusing on some theme development and preview components next.


Color scale

  • Add to theme for color scale
  • Edit individual generated colors
  • Expanded scale parameters with customizable curves

Delaunay & Voronoi

  • Rendering and performance improvements
  • Additional coordinate generators
  • In canvas svg editing
  • Constrain coordinates to shape
  • Layer-based dash array editor
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