Colors editor

With our initial prototype we created multiple interfaces to generate and modify color scales and gradients. This allowed us to get up and running quickly with something useful we could test with but we felt it was time for an update.

As a follow on to our redesigned color picker, we've consolidated and extended the functionality of our color scale and shadow and tint generators and brought them inline to our theme builder. Allowing you to generate and modify groups of colors with a growing set of computational methods.

Interactive demo

We're huge fans of the Color Ramp Node in Blender as well as gradient editors in applications like Illustrator and Photoshop. We'll be updating this editor with controls for creating and modifying gradients soon.

We hope this is a small step in making it easier to generate scales and color systems for your next design project. Get started here.


One benefit of this new interface is we'll be able to extend it to improve our gradient editor. While we currently enable you to create gradients with as many layers as you'd like - each layer is currently limited to two colors.